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German Cardinal says killing bin laden morally justified

A German cardinal said in a magazine interview last week that killing Osama bin Laden would be morally justified, although trying him in court would be better.

Catholic World News reports that Cardinal Joachim Meisner told Bunte magazine, "The best thing would be to capture Osama bin Laden and put him before a court. But if that isn't possible, then tyrannicide remains the last option."

He compared the question to the argument whether killing Adolf Hitler would be morally just.

"The key question is whether humanity must protect itself against this kind of monster who only brings death, hatred and decay," Cardinal Meisner said.

The cardinal also said that immorality in Western society, including Germany, had done much to give Muslims a bad impression of Christians. 

"When our society attacks God, when newspapers show pictures of naked women, when children are aborted, homosexuals are allowed to marry, in the eyes of many Muslims that means: They are no longer human beings, they are animals," he said.

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