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Melbourne Vicar General skeptical about 'psychological infertility'

Monsignor Christopher Prowse has criticised 'radical new guidelines' from the Victoria's Infertility Treatment Authority that will allow artificial insemination and IVF for 'psychologically infertile' women who feel they cannot have sex with men.

The Melbourne Archdiocesan Vicar General said the proposed new guidelines amount to "a controversial expansion of the grounds of access to infertility treatment procedures without reference to the people or the parliament of Victoria".

"The Infertility Treatment Authority is effectively amending legislation without reference to Parliament and contrary to public opinion," he said. "There is nothing to suggest that it was in the mind of the legislator that the access requirements of the Act would be satisfied by 'psychological infertility'."

He also stressed that the guidelines are unethical on the grounds that they ignore the needs of children to have fathers and misuse medical technology and scarce health resources.

Monsignor Prowse added: "If a woman is suffering from a genuine psychosexual disorder that means she cannot contemplate normal heterosexual intercourse, then that disorder should be treated with appropriate psychosexual therapies not IVF."

He suggested that the guidelines presume "the removal of all pretence of IVF being a treatment for a genuine physiological disorder".

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