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Call for Scottish archbishop to lift curse on stone

A bishop has said the yet to be named new Archbishop of Glasgow should lift a curse put on a stone almost 500 years ago which, it is said, continues to invoke evil on people to the present.

In 1520, the Catholic archbishop of Glasgow, Archbishop Dunbar, cursed the stone in an attempt to ex-communicate the savage and lawless Border Reivers terrorising Cumbria. A local city council has re-inscribed the curse on the bishop's stone, as it is known, to form the centrepiece of a museum exhibition.

But now the Bishop Graham Dow of Carlisle wants the next archbishop of Glasgow - who will succeed Cardinal Thomas Winning, who died in June - to lift the curse.

A priest - Fr Kevin Davies - has told the BBC that the curse should be taken seriously.

"This stone invokes evil on people and as such we should not take it lightly," he said.