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Sydney Catholic community opens heart to Australian Muslims

A service was held yesterday at a Sydney inner city Catholic Church to express solidarity and compassion for those who drowned recently while attempting to come to Australia, and for all Australian Muslims currently experiencing anguish.

The mass was celebrated at St Vincent's Church, Redfern, by Fr Ted Kennedy. The parish community is well known for the welcome it extends to those who are suffering and forgotten.

Parish representative Mary McMahon said: "We were so horrified by the apparent callousness, lack of simple human kindness and disregard for the suffering of those who have lost so much, exhibited by various politicians that we felt that we had to make an effort to contact the Muslim community and offer our support and sympathy."

"For us, the most fulfilling way of doing this is to offer a mass in which the congregation, Catholics and Muslims, can join in mutual support and understanding," she added.

SOURCE St Vincent's, Redfern