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Brisbane Social Action Office challenges politicians on global warming

The Social Action Office (SAO) of the Conference of Leaders of Religious Institutes in Queensland has called on political leaders to make "the same commitment to addressing global warming as they have to combating terrorism".

"Global warming is again on the agenda at Marrakech, Morocco, and it is vital that this meeting finalise the rules which will apply under the Kyoto Protocol so that it can be ratified by governments and implemented as a matter of urgency," said Coralie Kingston, SAO Coordinator.

A statement from the Office suggested that the appropriate political will and commitment would enable the international community to reduce greenhouse gases and arrest the accelerated climate change predicted by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC).

"Australia must work to make the Kyoto Protocol effective and not use the excuse of the United States withdrawal from the process to justify delaying ratification" Ms Kingston said.

The Social Action Office praised the political parties which have already promised to ratify the protocol and urges others to follow and make the ratification of the Kyoto Protocol in 2002 a key election promise.

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