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Poll links frequent Mass attendance with support of church teachings

The first of a planned ongoing series of polls on Contemporary Catholic Trends in the US shows that Catholics who attend Mass at least weekly are more likely to support the church's teachings on moral issues.

The poll by Zogby International in conjunction with LeMoyne College in Syracuse, New York, asked 1508 adult Catholics nationwide a series of questions about their religious beliefs and practices, their thoughts on various moral issues and their opinions about people of other faiths.

It was released in Syracuse on 16 November.

A majority of those polled agree with Catholic teachings against abortion, euthanasia and the destruction of human embryos in stem-cell research, but those who go to Mass at least once a week were even more likely to agree with the church.

Meanwhile, a second poll in the series shows that while only a little more than half of American Catholics go to Mass every week, they consider their Catholic identity to be important, they go to confession at least once a year and they're support the pope.

They also tend to be comparatively satisfied with their own parishes, priests and bishops, according to the poll.

The Zogby International/Le Moyne Contemporary Catholic Trends Poll Report

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