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Irish cardinal apologies for snubbing Anglican colleague

The Archbishop of Dublin has apologised for remarks in which he questioned the theological qualifications of his Anglican (Church of Ireland) counterpart.

Catholic World News reports that Cardinal Desmond Connell expressed his regrets this week for having spoken of Archbishop Walton Empey, the Church of Ireland leader in Dublin, "in a way which might have appeared to denigrate him."

The cardinal had been quoted as saying that Archbishop Empey "wouldn't have much theological competence, anyway."

In a book soon to be published in Ireland, Cardinal Connell also says that in comparison with other Church of Ireland leaders, Archbishop Empey "wouldn't be regarded as one of their high flyers."

When the remarks were cited in Wednesday's Irish Times, Cardinal Connell promptly apologized, saying that he valued his "warm personal relations" with Archbishop Empey, as well as the latter's "widely acknowledged and admired pastoral gifts."

Cardinal says Empey is not a 'high flyer' (Irish Times 31/10/01)
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