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PNG bishop explains motive for priest's murder

Economic desperation - and not hostility towards the Church - is unquestionably the motive for the murder of Marianhill Missionary Fr Hubert Hofmans in Lae on Friday, according to Bishop Cesare Bonivento of Vanimo.

Bishop Bonivento said the increase in such crime poses a great challenge for the Church, particularly in missionary countries.

"Unfortunately the economic situation as well as the civil situation is undergoing a severe crisis from an social and economic point of view," he said. "The lack of jobs is increasing and young people - among which many of whom have never received any kind of education -are jobless and have to find money somehow."

Bishop Bonivento added that drug use is spreading through the country, and users need money to buy drugs.

He said that the Church should respond to the challenge posed by this crime - to give home to the country's youth.

PNG gangsters kill missionary priest for $23

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