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Documentary named Catholic Film Office Film of the Year

Australia's Catholic Film Office has for the first time given its Film of the Year award to a documentary, 'Facing the Music'.

The film, which tells the story of the demise of a university music faculty, is the work of veteran documentary filmmaker Bob Connolly.

"The jury felt that Facing the Music promoted the best human values of any Australian film this year," said Office Director and Jury Chair, Fr Richard Leonard. "It enables ordinary Australians to be exposed to what the funding cuts of successive Federal Governments are doing to higher education in Australia in a very accessible way and tells us why we should be very concerned."

Fr Leonard said the film demonstrates in a poignant manner the human cost exacted from economically rationalist policies. Academic Anne Boyd and her colleagues in the music department are placed in an impossible position because music can never attract the 'external funding opportunities' that Government and University Administrators now demand of all faculties and departments.

Facing the Music airs nationally on ABC TV on 14th November.

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