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Women's Commission reaching out to dioceses

The Bishops' Commission for Australian Catholic Women explored avenues of making contact with women around the country, at its meeting in Sydney last Friday and Saturday.

"Our major focus is to establish links with every diocese in the country in order that the work on the fuller participation of women may flow across all layers of the life of the Church," said Mrs Geraldine Hawkes, Chair of the Commission. "To pursue this, the Bishops have responded by nominating a diocesan contact to the Commission and each commissioner will take on the role of companion to a Bishop."

Mrs Hawkes made particular reference to the desire of the Commission to seek ways of dialoguing with young women.

"Our website will be launched soon and our hope is that it will enable us to continue establishing partnerships with all women but especially young women. As cheap airfares have become less accessible we will need to be very creative in the ways in which we make contact with as many people as possible. Of course, technology will play a vital role in this regard."

Mrs Hawkes said the Commission is anxious to hear the stories of as many people women in the community as possible.

"Our vision is to realise an inclusive church where everyone is welcomed and their unique gifts and skills contribute to the life and mission of the Church," she said.