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Lobby group says water is a gift of God to be shared among all

In a statement for this week's National Water Week, Catholic lobby group PolMin has said that water is not only an ecological issue but also an economic and social justice issue.

"Water, part of God's gift of Creation needs to be valued, conserved and shared equally among all," the statement said. "This Gift is now under severe pressure as the quality of life of all species, human included, is under threat."

The group outlined problems associated with water in this arid country including dry land salinity, the decreasing flow of our rivers in regional areas, pollution from effluent and waste, and resulting economic and social pressures.

It called on Catholics to challenge candidates at next month's federal election on a series of pressing issues such as the privatisation of water, cross-border agreements between states, and the re-use of urban stormwater runoff.

PolMin - the Australian Political Ministry Network - is seeking to bring about social change according to the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.