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ACU to hold public forum on global terrorism

Australian Catholic University will hold a public forum to reflect on the events of 11 September, on Wednesday evening in Sydney.

Vice-Chancellor Professor Peter Sheehan, who will chair the forum, said, "Everybody has been affected in some way by the tragic events 11 September. In addition, ACU has US exchange students and strong ties with universities in the United States."

"The forum is a chance for the events of 11 September to be raised and discussed in communal dialogue."

Professor Beverley Raphael, Director of the Centre for Mental Health (NSW) and Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry will speak on "The Dark Side of Human Nature".

"ACU places particular importance on empowering its staff and students to consider the broad moral and ethical issues affecting society" said Professor Sheehan.

The forum will be held at MacKillop Campus, 40 Edward Street, North Sydney on Wednesday from 7.00pm to 9.30pm.