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Caritas begins new projects to help Afghan Refugees

Caritas' international network has mobilised to set up sanitary facilities and provide potable water in six new camps for Afghan refugees in northwest Pakistan.

The camps can accommodate 60,000 people, Vatican Radio reported on Wednesday.

Before the US-British attack on military sites in Afghanistan, Caritas was already working in the refugee camps of Shanmshatoo, Akora Khatak and Jalozai in Pakistan. Those camps can accommodate about 155,000 people.

Caritas provided food and health care for several thousand people, as well as 1700 temporary shelters with latrines and sanitary services. New camps to handle another 330,000 people are in the works.

Caritas directors said they are trying to offer psychological help, as well as material goods, to the Afghans, who have lived for decades in dire straits.

The work includes transmitting messages of peace and tolerance on Baluchistan radio and in southwest Afghanistan.