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Vinnies calls for policies to help disadvantaged

The St Vincent de Paul Society has said major political parties must come up with policies that demonstrate compassion and concern in order to avoid three million Australians remaining like disadvantaged refugees in their own country.

The Society's national president, John Moore of Sydney, told The Catholic Leader that the gap between the rich and the poor in Australia continues to grow.

Consequently, "like refugees the world over, these millions of disadvantaged Australians do not feel safe," he said. "They are concentrated in areas forgotten by global prosperity and are identifiable by postcodes."

Mr Moore said: "They have substandard housing, poor health, high mortality, no jobs and no way out."

He also insisted that international crises should not be used for political purposes, to ignore a major crisis at home, in this case "the dire economic circumstances of poor, and increasingly, middle-income families".

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