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Nigerian archbishop says religious intolerance causes terrorism

Addressing the World Synod of Bishops in Rome, Nigerian Archbishop John Onaiyekan of Abuja, said the world must look for the causes of terrorism.

Archbishop Onaiyekan said that to eliminate terrorism, its economic and social causes must be addressed. He also warned that the international community is in danger of endorsing a "terrorist" mentality by supporting governments that discriminate on the basis of religion.

The Archbishop spoke at length of efforts by the Church in Africa to foster dialogue with Islam. He also thanked the Pope for the "wonderful work of promoting Muslim-Christian dialogue" during his many Apostolic journeys.

He mentioned the "formidable military and political alliance against terrorism" formed by the world's super powers over the past few weeks. Following what had been said by other Synod Fathers the Archbishop of Abuja warned that all these efforts will be useless, unless solutions are found for social and economic problems, a soil in which terrorism thrives.