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Catholic Bishops ask all Australians to Pray for Peace today

The Vice-President of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference, Archbishop John Bathersby, has called on all Australians to observe the today - Thursday 11 October - as a day of prayer for the victims of recent terrorism in America.

He also asked for prayer for peace, in line with the Holy Father's request at the current Synod of Bishops meeting in Rome.

"In the past 48 hours we have been witnessing the events unfolding in Afghanistan as United States and other military forces begin their campaign to bring to justice those people responsible for the terrorist activities on 11th September," said Archbishop Bathersby. "This call to prayer on the 11th of October provides us with an opportunity to pray, once again, in our Masses and Liturgies or wherever we are for those who suffered on that tragic day, one month ago, as well as to pray for world peace, lest more innocent lives are lost in the search for justice."

"We do not want to live a life filled with paranoia, fear, racial hate and vilification - we want justice, peace and freedom for all," he said. "Australians are renowned throughout the world for their love of life and it is our passion for life that drives us to pray for world peace."

"Around two hundred and fifty Bishops from all corners of the globe, including four Australian Bishops, are currently meeting in Rome to discuss the role of Bishops in the modern world," said Archbishop Bathersby. "The events of the 11th of September have had a significant impact on discussions at the Synod and we join in spirit with our brother Bishops in Rome to pray for justice and peace in our world as they will be doing on that day at the invitation of the Holy Father."