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Pax Christi calls attack on Kabul 'another step backward'

The international Catholic peace organisation Pax Christi has condemned this week's US-led military attacks on Afghanistan.

In a statement, Pax Christi said: "We resorted to force instead of reason, to the violence of missiles instead of international law, to the power of fire instead of dialogue."

The organisation suggested hope lies in prayer and the United Nations.

"Prayer that as believers in one God we want to rise strong and insistent from all corners of the earth", read the statement. "To God of peace we ask to convert the hearts of the violent, to silence the sound of arms, to illuminate the minds of governors and leaders.

Prayer, it said, "sheds a new light to recognise people even where some will only see enemies", while the UN has the opportunity to make a firm intervention in support of "a pact among populations to never again resort to war to resolve controversies".

Pax Christi