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US survey says religious teenagers delay sex

Religious teenagers are more likely to wait until they are older to have sex, according to a new survey and report from the US.

The survey, commissioned by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy, also found that teens say morals, values and religion play a major role in their decisions about sex.

"Preventing teen pregnancy is as much about moral and religious values as it is about public health," said the report released on Tuesday. "Teens, like adults, make decisions about their sexual behaviour based in part on their values about what is right and wrong, what is proper and what is not."

The survey found that 39% of teenagers said that "morals, values and/or religious beliefs" were the most important factor affecting their decision about whether to have sex.

Half the teens surveyed said their parents were most influential in decisions about sex, three times the number who cited friends.

Survey: Religion Affects Teen Sex