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Exorcists discuss resurgence of superstition

150 exorcists meeting near Rome last weekend observed that Western society is currently witnessing a rebirth of divination, sorcery, witchcraft and magic often mixed with a superstitious use of religion.

The exorcists were attending the 12th Congress of the Italian division of the International Association of Exorcists. Zenit reports that the purpose of the gathering was the formation of members, and the venue was not made public. Officials from the Roman Curia attended some of the conferences and Masses.

A statement issued after the last plenary assembly of the Italian bishops' conference attributed the rise in superstition to the limits of human knowledge: "Superstition and magic are able to coexist in certain environments with scientific and technological progress, insofar as science and technology cannot give answers to the ultimate problems of life."

"All this offends the dignity of the person and his freedom, as man becomes subjected to dark, impersonal forces, psychological dependencies and moral degradation," the statement concluded.

The participants studied current issues, such as the relation of youth to the phenomena of esotericism and Satanism.

Members of the International Association of Exorcists must have their bishop's permission to join the group. The Italian division is the Association's largest.