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Netact says voter education can achieve election outcome for social justice

Responding to the perception that both major political parties are unresponsive to social justice issues, a coalition of Catholic social justice, welfare and educational agencies has launched a kit designed to empower voters to "make a difference on polling day".

The kit prepared by Netact outlines key social issues for the nation to examine and ways to explore them with federal candidates and parties.

Executive Secretary Sr Aileen Crowe said: "Some politicians would have us believe that there are no votes in social justice issues at all, but we believe that acting towards each other in decency and fairness is as important as the air we breathe and share."

The kit covers a range of key issues including education, the environment, fair trade, housing, rural communities, Aboriginal reconciliation, taxation reform, workplace relations and asylum seekers.

Sr Crowe said: "Today more than ever people need options. This Kit questions issues on the basis of the rights of individuals and of fundamental justice. These concepts are powerful tools for social good, both here and overseas."