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Lobby group finds most election candidates support asylum seeker policy reform The Australian Political Ministry Network (PolMin) has revealed that the majority of respondents to its Federal Election House of Representative and Senate Candidate Survey support reforms to Australia's Asylum Seeker and Refugee policy. PolMin asked all candidates from the ALP, the Coalition and the Democrats whether they would be prepared to reform the 1958 Migration Act with respect to the provision of community education, programs for the integration of refugees into the Australian community, and "the proper identification of asylum seekers and refugees as human persons". A statement released yesterday by PolMin indicates that 43% agreed with the reform agenda, and 57% acknowledged the need for change. "PolMin will capitalise on this groundswell for reform in the new 40th Parliament after 10 November by presenting the new Parliament with specific legislative changes in the form of draft Parliamentary Bills giving effect to PolMin's reform agenda," the statement said. SOURCE