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Pell joins church leaders' cloning plea The Archbishop of Sydney, Dr George Pell has joined other Church leaders in warning of the "grave offence to human dignity" of "producing human embryos by a cloning process or any other method of non-sexual reproduction". He joined the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, Dr Peter Jensen, the Rev Professor James Haire of the Uniting Church, Rabbi Moshe Gutnick of the Australian Jewish Medical Federation and the Rev Tim Costello, president of the Baptist Union of Australia, and others in expressing concern at the NSW Government decision to introduce cloning legislation before uniform Commonwealth-state laws have been put in place. The leaders say in an open letter to the Federal, State and Territory governments: "We advise ... that producing human embryos by a cloning process or any other method of non-sexual reproduction - produces a laboratory embryo with no parents or guardians, in fact, no one concerned to protect his or her interests. "All such embryos would be likely to be destroyed." The letter, whose 80 signatories include other religious leaders, surgeons, barristers and bio-ethicists, asks for appropriate national standards for medical research in the area. It says: "The supposed distinction between 'therapeutic' and 'reproductive' cloning must be exposed for the furphy it is: to produce an embryo is always 'reproductive'; to destroy an embryo is never 'therapeutic'. LINKS
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