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Catholic welfare body endorses call for poverty enquiry

Catholic Social Services Victoria on Friday welcomed Labor's commitment to convene a Poverty Summit and to negotiate a Compact with the community sector should it win office.

The case for the Summit was presented in 'Two Australias: Addressing Inequality and Poverty', the St Vincent de Paul Society Report published in May. The report argued that the 'scandalous and widening inequalities between rich and poor' are the single most important social problem facing Australia. Catholic Social Services Victoria also recently producted a report that reiterated the need for a comprehensive enquiry into poverty.

Fr Caddy said: "The Poverty Summit promises to establish an action plan and concrete strategies to reduce poverty and inequality, and to which Government may be held accountable."

He said Catholic Social Services Victoria is also pleased to see the Shadow Treasure reiterate Labor's commitment to negotiate a compact with the community sector.

He added: "A formally negotated Compact would provide a framework to guide a renewed relationship between Government and the sector, for the benefit of the people and communities we both seek to serve.

Catholic Social Services Victoria