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Church protest against plans for Dracula theme park in Romania

Clergy in Romania have voiced their concern about government plans to build a Dracula theme park.

They have joined around 200 people protesting in Sighisoara who have called the proposals sinful, warning officials they will pay for it on Judgement Day.

They claim the town risks becoming an attraction for Satanists, as well as a marketplace for drugs and prostitution.

A protest statement read: "The Christian city of Sighisoara cannot accept and tolerate a Dracula Land. The name of Dracula does not let any doubt about what is all about. The park will be the kingdom of evil."

The town's priest Fr Hans Bruno Frohlich told the daily newspaper National: "I have already seen unnaturally pale persons dressed in strange black clothes. A group from Germany even approached me saying they wish to perform a pagan ritual including jumps through the fire and invocation of Lucifer right into the parochial yard."

Another priest said: "If the park is built, I am afraid that vampirism and blood sucking will become a society game."

Protesters also claim the theme park will destroy a protected environment site, including a wood of old oak trees.