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Catholic bodies seek to mobilise voters before election

Catholic Welfare Australia and the Australian Catholic Social Justice Council have released a joint election statement to ensure that voters are fully informed and committed to the democratic processes taking place during the Federal Election campaign.

Mr Toby O'Connor, National Director of Catholic Welfare Australia emphasised that the call to action is non-partisan: "Without reference to specific political candidates, parties or political platforms, this document calls on every Australian to be active in determining the type of society we want for our children in the future, and to identify the key values and priorities we think should guide our decisions."

Titled Searching for the Common Good , the document contains five important social issues facing Australia this Federal Election. The issues are:
Justice for Indigenous Australians;
Asylum Seekers in Australia;
Regional Equity and Development;
Employment and the Australian Economy;
Closing the Gap Between Rich and Poor.

Mr O'Connor said: "This document points out seven principles from Catholic Social Teaching the voter can use in judging the merits of policies on these issues. It also provides questions that voters can raise with their candidates.

"As voters, we need to consider the social and economic conditions necessary for individuals and families to live with dignity and to reach their full potential. It is hoped this document will contribute to each person's assessment of policy announcements and boost concern for social justice and the common good during the Federal Election campaign", Mr O'Connor concluded.

Searching for the Common Good (PDF document)

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