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British church attendance rises after terrorist attacks

Church attendance in the UK has risen after the US terrorist attacks in a manner not seen since the death of Princess Diana.

Spokesmen for the major Christian faiths said thousands of people are seeking solace in churches in an effort to come to terms with the scale of the atrocities.

A spokesman for the Church of England said it is like the time that Princess Diana was killed.

The Rev Richard Thomas, director of communications for the Oxford diocese, said the response to the events in New York and Washington last week had been "very large".

"There is a very strong feeling amongst people," he said. "I spoke to one man who said that although he was all for the use of force to bring the people responsible to justice, we need to remember that retribution has no place in the Christian gospel."

The Roman Catholic Church also reported an increase in attendance.

Fr Stanislaus Hobbs, of Ealing Abbey church in west London, said: "When the tragedy happened we put a huge peace candle in the middle of the church. I was touched by the number of people who came and stood before it."