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Brisbane priest warns of risk to Australian moral fibre

A member of the Catholic-Muslim Task Force in Brisbane Archdiocese has warned that to blame individuals from a religious or cultural group for the actions of an unrepresentative and tiny minority of the group, is illogical, inhumane and ultimately immoral.

The Catholic Leader reports that Marist Fr Gerard Hall, who is also head of the School of Theology at Australian Catholic University's McAuley Campus, said that in the wake of the terrorist attacks in the US, there is an understandable desire to find the materminds and to bring them to justice.

"It is more than likely that those responsible are Islamic extremists. This raises the danger that has already been seen in the streets of Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane in the past few days, a danger that risks tearing the civil and moral fabric of Australian society," he said.

"When it comes to lessons of justice, tolerance and love, Christians share with Jews and Muslims, belief in the God who inspires such values and actions."

Catholic Leader