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Archbishop warns journalists against political correctness

Archbishop John P. Foley, the president of the Pontifical Council for Social Communications, urged young journalists attending an international congress were urged to forgo personal prejudice and political correctness in favour of "an unwavering dedication to truth".

Archbishop Foley gave the advice as he opened the World Congress of Catholic Journalists this week in Switzerland.

"I would ask, first, that you have an unwavering dedication not to political correctness or social conformity, but to truth," he said. "A word printed, a word or an image telecast cannot be recalled.. if that word is wrong, you may have done incalculable damage to the reputation of a person or even to the common good."

Archbishop Foley also called upon the journalists to be instruments of peace.

"Always seek to contribute to the building of a better society," he said. "Seek out the signs and the people of hope in society, and make them better known, so that others can know of, and emulate, good example and be inspired by good ideas."

The conference is an initiative of the International Catholic Press Union. Its organisation was marred by the refusal of Swiss immigration officials refused to allow visas for intending delegates from Nigeria, Sudan, the Congo and Colombia.