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Sprigs of rosemary in Cathedral prayer after US terror

Sprigs of rosemary as a symbol of remembrance will be offered this morning during a special prayer service and Mass at Adelaide's St Francis Xavier Cathedral for the victims and survivors of the US terrorist attacks.

After a brief opening prayer at 11:00 am, the congregation will be invited to spend time in quiet prayer. They will be invited to place sprigs of rosemary - the herb that is a traditional symbol of remembrance - at the foot of a cross near the altar, before the celebration of Mass at 12.10 pm.

Meanwhile, in Brisbane people of all faith traditions are invited to come together in prayer in the grounds of St Stephen's Cathedral this evening at 7.30pm.

Josť Zepeda, Director of the Centre for Multicultural Pastoral Care, which is organising the event, said: "We will pray for world leaders that they will reject terrorism and persecution in all its forms, and measure their actions justly and for the good of all humanity."

Mr Zepeda expects the attendance of representatives of Christian, Jewish, Islamic, and other faiths.

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