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Church leaders hope US tragedy could be turning point for Middle East

This week's terrorist action in the USA could expedite dialogue and the return to peace in the Middle East, according to Christian leader in the Middle East.

Fr Pierre Grech, secretary general of the Conference of Latin Bishops of the Arab Region (CELRA) said: "We are convinced that this terrifying event will shake the leaders and people in Israel and Palestine to take the path to dialogue and peace."

After the attack on America, Rev. Riad Jarjour of the Middle East Council of Churches MECC, said: "It is true that many are often critical of America's foreign policy, but after this attack the Arab peoples are condemning those responsible and voicing sympathy for the victims."

Condemning the terrible crime, Patriarch Michel Sabbah said: "The Churches in the Holy Land are close to the people of America with prayers, asking God to grant them hope at this difficult time".