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Lobby group says 'common good' missing from migration zone change

The Federal Government's proposal to remove certain locations from Australia's migration zone is a reaction to public opinion that fails to respect the common good, according to the Australian Political Ministry Network (PolMin).

The Prime Minister said the new legislation would affect people reaching Christmas Island and Ashmore Reef. He said the two places would be taken out of the Australian migration zone so that anyone arriving there would no longer be able to apply for refugee status.

"Laws framed according to the delusive caprices and opinions of the mass of the people are not grounded in the Common Good because they deny the needs and rights of certain human persons," said PolMin Spokesperson James McGillicuddy. "It is the duty of Parliament to pass laws securing the Common Good of all human persons. The Common Good means respecting the dignity of all human persons, ensuring their needs are met and their rights protected, and what is owed to them is given to them."

Mr McGillicuddy suggested the proposed changes to specifically deny needs and rights of the men, women, and children who seek asylum in Australia by substantially making it harder for them to do so. This, he says, makes the proposed retrospective changes not in the Common Good."

PolMin is a newly established organisation committed to influencing public policy in accordance with the principles of Catholic Social Teaching.