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Catholic Health calls aged care funding squeeze a 'moral issue'

The crisis in care funding for the frail aged has gone beyond economics and is now a moral issue, according to Catholic Health Australia CEO Francis Sullivan.

Mr Sullivan was commenting yesterday on the release of a Government consultancy into residential aged care.

"This only confirms that the real costs of care are not being met by the Government," he said. "Research in our sector reveals that even for average levels of care, the funding is rapidly slipping away. Since 1997, a pensioner needing average care has only received a 2% increase in overall funding."

Mr Sullivan said the increase falls far short of the real costs of care, with nursing salaries up by 15%, personal carers salaries up by 11%, and general expenses in line with CPI of 11%.

He said: "This situation has gone far beyond an economic debate, it is now a moral issue. Frail elderly Australians in aged care homes, the majority of whom are pensioners, deserve fair and accurate funding."