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Church in Thailand says aborting an abnormal child is a crime not a solution

The Catholic Church in Thailand has spoken out in resonse to a doctors' resolution in favour of legalising abortion for mothers of 'abnormal' unborn children.

The Thai Bishops offered the government support to find alternative solutions to problems highlighted by the Thai Medical Assembly.

Thai law allows women to end their pregnancy for two reasons, when the mother's health is in danger and in the case of sexual abuse. The new resolution reached last month by the Thai Medical Assembly proposes that abortion should also be legal "when the unborn child is found to be abnormal as this is a threat to the mental health of the mother".

The Bishops issued a letter of protest and a special committee was formed of representatives from various Catholic Commissions, justice and peace, and pastoral commissions for women's promotion, family, health-care workers, and members of the Thai federation of Religious.

Pointing out that Buddhism and Islam teach respect for human life and dignity from fertilization in the womb, Cardinal Michael Meechai Kitbunchoo, Archbishop of Bangkok, said: "This is not only a biological question to be solved from a point of view of medical technology."