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Anglican archbishop joins outcry against targeting of Irish school children

Anglican and Catholic churchmen have combined to call for an end to the violence and intimidation which has blighted a Belfast school.

The Anglican Primate of All Ireland Archbishop Robin Eames has emphasised the disgust felt by the vast majority of protestants at the week's events. He insists that the children should no longer be subjected to such an ordeal.

Protestant residents have been trying to stop Catholic parents from taking their children down the Ardoyne Road to the Holy Cross Catholic Girls Primary School. Their protest has got increasingly violent, climaxing with a blast bomb exploding near tearful Catholic children who ran the gauntlet through a loyalist area.

"We are utterly revolted by those scenes outside the school. There is a wave of revulsion across this province," Archbishop Eames told the BBC. "From a church standpoint, I believe that we have two jobs. First of all to take the moral issue, the moral ground, which says that little children should never be subjected to this sort of attention."