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Letters reveal Mother Teresa doubted God

Mother Teresa at times felt abandoned by God, according to her recently released letters.

The letters, written by Mother Teresa in the 1950s and 1960s to her spiritual directors, reveal the troubling and, at times, painful conflicts she sometimes had with her faith.

"I am told God lives in me -- and yet the reality of darkness and coldness and emptiness is so great that nothing touches my soul," she wrote in one of the letters.

The letters' release comes days after the Archbishop of Calcutta was reported to have said that church officials performed an exorcism on Mother Teresa at a hospital later in her life.

Archbishop D'Souza later issued a statement clarifying that Mother Teresa did not have an exorcism. He said that in 1996 he thought that perhaps an evil spirit was trying to steal her interior peace and confidence in God when she appeared to be suffering from doubts and profound fears. So he asked Father Rosario Stroscio, 79, a Salesian priest of Sicilian origin, to pray over her, with a prayer used for exorcisms. However, it was not an exorcism as such.