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Catholic school children drawn into Northern Ireland conflict

The police and army have moved Protestant protesters blocking the route Catholic children take to a school in north Belfast.

About 200 residents from the loyalist Glenbryn area blocked the Ardoyne Road near Holy Cross Girls Primary School on Monday on the first day of term after the summer break.

The police and army put up crash barriers to keep a corridor route open for the Catholic pupils who were able to get to school in the morning.

Following the most recent violence, the board of governors of Holy Cross are to ask their pupils' parents to use an alternative route to school from Tuesday morning.

Chairman of the board, Fr Aidan Troy said the decision was taken "purely on the grounds of the childrens' safety and their educational needs".

"How can you teach children who have run that gauntlet?" he said.

Fr Troy, who met the school's headmistress Ann Taney on Monday morning, added that there was an urgent need to get talks restarted to try to resolve the dispute.