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New Bishop of Bunbury for installation tomorrow

Fr Gerald Holohan, WA's former Director of Religious Education, will be installed tomorrow as the new bishop of the Bunbury in the state's south.

Tomorrow is also Fr Holohan's 54th birthday.

The new bishop-elect said the appointment came as a shock.

"I was stunned to get the news and I'm still a bit stunned, but on the other hand I'm thrilled that it's Bunbury, absolutely thrilled," he said. "I always loved it down there."

"I think the role is to serve, and I have to work with people and listen to people and collaborate," he added. "All I'm really praying for at the moment is deeper conversion so that I will be a good bishop."

Asked how he felt about the responsibility of the position, he said: "As a successor of the Apostles you've got a leadership role, but you're not on your own."

In his letter to the people of Bunbury, Bishop-elect Holohan committed himself to all the people of Bunbury, whether Catholic or of other Christian faith or no religious faith.

Welcoming the new bishop-elect, Archbishop of Perth Barry Hickey said one of bishop-elect Holohan's "constant themes" was that life and faith must be integrated.

He said: "I think he'll encourage people not only to know their faith but also to make it the inspiration for how they live."