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Perth archbishop urges more variety in liturgy

Archbishop Barry Hickey has regretted a "sameness" creeping into liturgies and encouraged the faithful in the Archdiocese of Perth to exploit the potential of the liturgy.

In a meeting on Tuesday with his archdiocesan Liturgy Committee, he said: "In my visits to schools and parishes around the Archdiocese I have noticed a certain quality of sameness developing in many of our liturgies."

Speaking of a recent liturgy in Perth's Italian community during which the congregation was 'visibly moved to the point of tears of grief and joy', he said: "The Church has a magnificent store and variety in its treasures of liturgy and I would like to see much more variety in the music and experiences we present that lead people into communion with God."

Archbishop Hickey was visiting the Committee as part of a continuing series of pastoral visits to all the major organisations in the Archdiocese.

He called for more communication between priests and lay liturgists, suggesting priests should be more aware of liturgical formation programs available. He stressed that such programs should be delivered in accord with Church teaching but said he is satisfied that this is being done.

Archbishop Hickey said the Church now faces a challenge from various forms of entertainment in the secular world that are quasi-liturgical and which communicat to people at a deep emotional level.

Archdiocese of Perth Liturgy Committee