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Caritas Australia publishes the writings of Bishop Belo

The Road to Freedom, a collection of writings by the Nobel Peace Prize winner and Bishop of Dili was launched this week by Caritas Australia.

Bishop Belo, Apostolic Administrator of the Diocese of Dili since 1983, has been instrumental to the process of achieving East Timorese independence. This collection of speeches and pastoral letters is described as "a moving commentary on the transition of East Timor to freedom and independence".

"We have suffered enormous losses on our road to freedom," Bishop Belo writes in the title essay. "We must commit ourselves to truth and reconciliation, to justice and peace."

The book reflects the centrality of the Church in East Timorese life. Bishop Belo consistently calls his people to the values that inspired their struggle for independence: human rights, peace, reconciliation, justice and development. In 1996, Belo became the first Catholic leader to win the Nobel Prize for Peace.

Copies of The Road to Freedom can be obtained free of charge from Caritas Australia (tel: 1800 024 413).