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Pope says social climbing works against community

Superficiality and 'social climbing' do not contribute to human dignity or the good of society, according to Pope John Paul II.

The Holy Father delivered this message on Sunday when he met with several thousand pilgrims in the courtyard of the papal residence of Castel Gandolfo, before praying the midday Angelus.

Quoting St. Paul, he said that "the Kingdom of God is effectively prepared by people who carry out their work seriously and honestly, not aspiring to things that are too high, but turning, in daily faithfulness, to those that are lowly."

The "mentality of the world pushes one to stand out, to get ahead, with shrewdness and without scruples, asserting oneself and one's own interests," the Pope continued.

The "consequences can be seen by all: rivalries, abuses, frustrations," the Holy Father. The Kingdom of God, on the contrary, rewards "meekness and humility," he said.

Therefore, the Holy Father urged Christians to enlighten their life with the Word of God, which "helps us to see things in the right way, that of eternity."

Papal Address Before Angelus