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Adelaide Catholics say no to 'shared priests'

Parishes in the Adelaide Archdiocese have overwhelmingly told the current pastoral planning review they do not want to share their priest.

But diocesan steering committee member and Council of Priests chairman Fr John Vildzius has urged Catholics not to get caught up in the "emotional angst" of changing Mass times and possible church closures.

He said it's better to embrace change and become involved in their parish's destiny rather than having change forced upon them "somewhere down the line".

A shortage of priests means the steering committee could not organise the diocese "around the feelings of a few people, although you wish you could", he said.

Fr Vildzius did not anticipate city closures but said some small country parishes may have to look at their viability.

The Pastoral Planning Team says almost every parish involved in the review said they preferred not to share their priest. But Fr Vildzius said parishes then went on to name their preferred parish "twin" if they had to share their priest. He said rationalising and changing Mass times was a "huge emotional issue".

Diocesan Pastoral Council, Archdiocese of Adelaide

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