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Church in Chile respected but not frequented

A survey of religious attitudes in Chile has shown that the Catholic Church is regarded as 'very trustworthy' by more than 60% of the population.

The Tablet reports that the private business sector, the armed forces and other Churches also received a favourable vote, but parliament, the justice system and political parties fared badly.

The survey, carried out by a team from Santiago's Catholic University, showed that nearly 75% of Chileans considered themselves to be Catholic, although only 23% regularly went to mass. Protestants were more likely than Catholics to attend church services regularly, and results showed Protestant evangelical groups to be making significant inroads in Chile.

Moral issues that least concerned the people interviewed included cohabitation and contraception. But Catholics, Protestants and atheists all rejected abortion, adultery and homosexual cohabitation, and half said they would like the Church to speak out against poverty.

Catholic Church in Chile
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