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Brisbane's BoysTown set to close

After serving more than 2000 boys over the past four decades, the De La Salle brothers' training and rehabilitation facility BoysTown at Beaudesert, south of Brisbane, is set to close.

Changes in government policy and social trends have made such a facility no longer necessary. BoysTown Board Member Trevor Carlyon told the ABC that because the number of young people referred to BoysTown has declined, the Board has been asking itself how they can most effectively use their resources to reach more young people than are being referred through the Department of Families.

He said: "BoysTown was actually created to divert, in its early years, young people from a juvenile detention and did a fabulous job in that. And then in more recent times it's taken young people in who've come into the care of the Department of Families."

He said: "In the Ford Inquiry, BoysTown barely rated a mention and I think that probably speaks volumes for the quality of the care in that facility. But the Ford Inquiry hasn't been a driver in this change at all. It's almost been entirely us asking the question - this facility could be doing so much for so many more, what should we do when we have less than 20 in it? And that's really been the primary concern for us over the last year."