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US priest arrested in anti-nuclear protest

A Catholic priest from Iowa was arrested on Thursday for a seventh time for protesting against the nation's nuclear weapons.

Fr Frank Cordaro and three others were cited for trespassing at the Air Force base near Omaha. The arrest came on the 56th anniversary of the dropping of the atomic bomb on Nagasaki, Japan.

Military police took Cordaro into custody and gave him a letter saying he was barred from the base. He was expected to be released within hours.

Cordaro, 50, first showed up to protest at Offutt Air Force Base years before he became a priest in 1985. The Des Moines, Iowa, diocese, relieved Cordaro of his duties as a priest in 1999 after a protest at Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland landed him in prison for six months.

He has spent the last two years at Des Moines' Catholic Worker house, serving the poor.

After Des Moines Bishop Joseph Charron ordered him to rethink his future with the church, Cordaro agreed to curb his criticism of church doctrine on female priests, birth control and homosexuality. But, he said, he cannot stop protesting against the US military.