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Married archbishop 'set to rejoin Church'

The Vatican has announced that Archbishop Emmanuel Milingo, the former head of the Catholic Church in Zambia under threat of excommunication for breaking his vow of celibacy, intends to return to full communion with the Church.

The controversial archbishop married a Korean woman in New York last May at a mass wedding organised by the religious sect known as the Moonies.

Meanwhile, at a news conference in Rome, his wife has threatened to go on hunger strike unless the Vatican allows her to communicate with her husband, who is under Church protection.

The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, released a statement in Rome announcing that the African archbishop, as a result of being personally reminded by Pope John Paul II last Tuesday of his responsibility towards God and the Church, is now spending a period of reflection and prayer with a view to full reconciliation.

After the meeting with the Pope, the Vatican rescinded an ultimatum for the archbishop to renounce his new wife and pledge his allegiance to the Pope before next Monday.

Mrs Maria Sung Milingo, the Korean doctor who the archbishop married last May at a ceremony organised by the Reverend Sun Yung Moon in New York, appeared at a news conference later in the day denouncing the Vatican for not allowing her to get in contact with her husband. Describing it as a human rights matter, Mrs Milingo threatened to go on hunger strike unless the Vatican tells her where her husband is.

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