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Priest reports fresh violence in Moluccas

There has been a renewed outbreak of religious violence on the island on Ceram in the Moluccas, according to Fr Agus Ulahaiyanan, who heads the Crisis Centre of the diocese of Ambon.

Fr Ulahaiyanan told the missionary news service MISNA that Moslem Jihad fighters attacked the north-eastern Ambon Christian village of Alang Asaudi a few days ago.

He said the army moved in to calm the situation. One soldier was killed. Another three are missing and one man was injured.

Fr Ulahaiyanan reported that this was the second attack on the Gonzalo Veloso complex, run by the Sacred Heart Missionaries in Ambon. The first attack came on 12 June.

He explained: "In reality since then every night shots have been fired against the centre. The other day there was a sort of a small attack by groups of Muslims, which caused no victims, just a little fear".