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Council urges vote for social justice in Federal Election

The Australian Catholic Social Justice Council has prepared a set of guidelines to assist voters at this year's Federal Election to choose candidates likely to legislate for a more just society.

"Voting is not only a right, it is also a duty that we should undertake seriously with a view to the common good," said Sandie Cornish, the Council's National Executive Officer.

To encourage people to think about social justice issues and the good of the whole community, the ACSJC has prepared an election leaflet. Ms Cornish emphasised that the leaflet does not endorse any candidate or political party, but instead lists criteria against which voters should judge the candidates.

She said: "The leaflet draws attention to three key social justice issues, points out some principles from Catholic Social Teaching that are relevant to judging the relative merit of different polices on the issues, and provides some questions that could be asked of candidates."

Ms Cornish conceded that Christians may legitimately disagree on which parties and policies are most consistent with Christian values, but voters should ensure they come to a decision "in an informed and responsible way".

ACSJC Election Leaflet (PDF document)