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Cloning row doctor attacks 'criminal' Pope

The Italian doctor proposing to clone human beings accused the Pope and President Bush of being "criminals" during a scientific conference on Tueday that descended into chaos.

"The Pope is screaming at me," said Dr Severino Antinori. "He wants to avoid the condom and IVF. Nobody announced the criminal when President Bush met in Rome the Pope. Vatican is behind the Bush, Vatican is criminal."

On Monday Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger said in the Vatican that Dr Antinori was engaged in "Nazi madness" and trying to "emulate Hitler". The embryologist first clashed with the Church seven years ago when he helped a woman of 63 to have a child.

Dr Severini said: "It's necessary to remember that scientists are free. If the law against cloning is approved, it would be a return to the Dark Ages, like Afghanistan, like the Taliban. It's illogical fear of new technology."

Dr Antinori said religious fanatics were orchestrating opposition to his work.

Telegraph (London)