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Colombian guerrillas urged to free ailing priest

The Archdiocese of Cali has appealed to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) to release an ailing 62-year-old priest who was kidnapped a year ago.

"Fr Guillermo Correa is in a very delicate state of health, and emotionally affected," said Fr José González, Cali chancellor, in statements to the Latin American Catholic agency ACI. "We have made many efforts to obtain his release, but it has not been possible. Here, we, his friends, and the faithful who know him, follow" his situation.

Fr Correa was kidnapped in Gigante, where he was resting in his family's farm. The Church has made numerous efforts to obtain his release.

Catholic representatives have also spoken with Camilo Gómez, High Commissioner for Peace, and sent a statement signed by clergy to Manuel Marulanda Vélez, FARC commander, but to date they have received no reply.

Various Colombian bishops have also sent statements to Joaquín Gómez, FARC representative at the negotiating table with the government.