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Catholic women call for laicisation of priest abusers

Britain's National Board of Catholic Women (NBCW) is calling for all jailed clergy child abusers to be defrocked.

Catholic World News reports that the NBCW, which represents 38 Catholic organizations, says that recent recommendations from the recent Nolan Committee does not go far enough in calling for the laicization only of clergy imprisoned for more than 12 months.

In a letter to the bishops of England & Wales, the NBCW says, "The NBCW can see no rationale for suggesting that more than 12 months of imprisonment should trigger laicization."

The letter continues, "We firmly believe that any form of imprisonment should automatically bring laicization and we would therefore ask the Nolan committee to reconsider this."

NBCW spokesman Angela Perkins told The Universe newspaper, "Most of our members are mothers and naturally there is a degree of disquiet that a cleric who has been given a sentence of less than 12 months may be allowed to stay in a parish. This is just one of the points we are confident will be explained to us."

The NBCW is now hoping the bishops will discuss the issue at their next meeting in November.

National Board of Catholic Women